MENA Logistics 5.0

Building Smart, Agile, Resilient, and Sustainable Logistics Ecosystem for the Future

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As the MENA nations recover from the series of disruptions over the past couple of years, and are looking forward to a higher growth period, heads of supply chain, and Logistics have to re-invent their logistics and supply chains. The MENA SCMLOG 5.0 will explore contemporary challenges with respect to:

Next Generation Logistics Planning

What are the opportunities?

Challenges posed by uncertainty

The lessons learned from disruptions. What should be your logistics strategy going forward?


Riding the next growth wave.

Handle with Ease

Equipping the Modern Warehouse with State-of-the-Art Equipment. What are the key considerations?

Orchestrating global logistics

Preparing for the future. Is multimodal logistics the future of global movements? Do we have the infrastructure for Multi Modal logistics? What are the challenges of air, road and sea transportation?

Platforms and devices

Role of technology in shaping the future of logistics?

How is Technology changing warehousing industry in MENA?

How will Blockchain, AI/ML, IoT, and Digital Twins help us create the warehouse of the Future?

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