A strategic opportunity for building the new supply chain

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Logistics contributes about 10 percent of total global CO2 emission. As global trade increases, and developing economies in Asia, Middle East, and Africa show robust growth, freight transport will pose the biggest challenge to decarbonization processes. However, freight transport may frustrate all attempts to decarbonize logistics, as its expected to grow three fold by 2050. Corporates need to transform their logistics much faster to achieve sustainability goals. And technology can provide the impetus.

15 to 18 supply chain & sustainability leaders will participate in the discussions

Where Does supply chain and logistics sit in the ESG framework? What are the implications for logistics in ESG compliance era? How will this shape the future of logistics?

Developing a de-carbonization Strategy for logistics. How to reduce freight transport intensity, shift logistics to lower carbon modes, improve asset utilization, & Transform energy use in logistics

Role of technology in de-carbonization of logistics in GCC – How technology can accelerate the journey to Net Zero?

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