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The disruptions of the past couple of years have shown us that the established ways of doing business are no longer viable. While it has operated successfully and consistently in the past, a host of new challenges have emerged. Today, the logistics sector is at an inflection point. While the challenges in the near term – estimating demand, allocating capacity, and distributing products across sectors and regions will remain difficult challenges, the growth of online shopping, the need to reach net zero and crucially, labor shortages, means the old ways of working are no longer able to cope with new demands.

The 2nd MENA SCMLOG 5.0 will explore some of the interlinked themes of Supply Chain Planning, Logistics & Warehousing, E-Commerce & Last Mile Delivery. Over two days, 90 leaders from the who is who of supply chain domain from a wide cross section of industries in the MENA nations will participate in a series of discussions.

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MENA Supply Chain 5.0

Building the Organization to Decode the Future
As companies start re-structuring their supply chains, effectively integrating the supply chain’s many players and aligning them with the organization’s demand, supply, product and financial plan, can contribute significantly to improvements in financial performance and market competitiveness. To do this, companies need to re-invent their planning processes.   On the first day of the summit, 20 plus supply chain and planning leaders will participate in the discussions. The new imperative - Moving from Deterministic to Resilient Planning, and how companies are reshaping supply chain planning. Managing change through IBP - Aligning processes, people and tools in an uncertain world Staying Ahead - How technology is transforming planning, and how to manage the change

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MENA E-Commerce 5.0

Making E-Commerce, Retail and Last Mile Delivery Faster, Profitable, and Responsive – Imperatives for the Next Normal
As more of our consumption shifts online, e-Commerce has become the topic of the decade for businesses across geographies and industries. selling online is relatively easy. If companies fail to build a sustainable logistics process, they risk crippling their ability to scale over time. The second half of the day will bring together 20 plus leaders from e-commerce players, retailers, innovative logistics, express delivery, postal operators, delivery start-ups, technology platform and solutions providers to discuss the emerging logistics scenario in E-Commerce and how they plan to address it. Optimizing the Last Mile Delivery and city storage to Drive profitability and Consumer Delight. Logging in to Technology – Leveraging Technology Innovations to drive Growth - Smart Operations, Logistics Integration Services, Digital Twins and more.    The promise and challenge of multi-client fulfillment for e-commerce – staying competitive in a challenging environment

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MENA Logistics 5.0

Building Smart, Agile, Resilient, and Sustainable Logistics Ecosystem for the Future
Logistics companies – Cargo, transportation and warehousing - continue to be challenged by disruptions all across the chain. Surmounting these challenges is not impossible. However, traditional approaches will not work. They need to harness digital technologies, advanced analytics, and a vast pool of data, to home in on services their customers want —so they can deliver an end-to-end offering. On the Second day of the MENA SCMLOG 5.0, 30 plus supply chain, logistics and warehousing practice leaders from GCC nations will help you align with the future trajectory of Transportation and Warehousing: Integrated Logistics – The challenges and opportunities. The changes we need to make on the ground. A Fresh Approach to Logistics Planning - How to Balance short, Medium, and long-term planning by integrating external data Transforming Logistics – Driving Change with Clarity. What are the challenges and opportunities? What is the Way Forward? Driving Growth Through Digitalization – Building Digital Maturity by Leveraging Log-Tech and Digital Twins The Emerging challenges for air shippers – What can the industry offer as solutions? How the sector is planning for Growth, Innovation, and Resilience. Preparing for the Future - Managing Storage, Distribution, and Networks in a Dynamic Business Ecosystem.

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Who will attend ?

MENA SCMLOG 5.0 is a senior level conference open to LOB heads or one level below. The attendees will be heads of supply chain, logistics, sourcing or planning. MENA SCMLOG 5.0 will see around 150 senior leaders from leading companies across MENA nations in attendance.

The profiles of the attendees will include: